Hello to the Golden Flavors and aroma

Independent manufacturer exporting to worldwide Our products from spices and flavors and perfumes for all industries Global expertise in the art of taste and smell

Our products

All materials and flavors Taatnh in Golden flavored factory global experience and in terms of the art of taste and smell where the application of all flavors and fragrances and spices under the supervision of high-precision laboratories in the examination of taste and smell. The company currently owns nearly 1600 species of all flavors, spices and Atto

Our goal

It has always been our first goal to find what our customers are looking for in the food industry and the chemical industry in the study and the search for the best flavors to suit taste in taste and smell

مصانع النكهة الذهبية .. .. هل لديك أي إستفسار ؟ تواصل معنا